• Duchess Meghan's half-sister is suing her for defamation
  • Meghan and Harry will have to give depositions
  • The judge refused Meghan's request to not give testimony 

The quarrelling continues in the family of Duchess Meghan. She was sued for defamation by her half-sister Samantha, who is seeking damages for Meghan's statements in her Oprah interview.

Now it is certain: Meghan and Prince Harry have received subpoenas. As a result, the couple will have to testify in court. 

Harry in particular is expected to play a big role in the lawsuit.

Legal blow for Meghan and Harry in defamation lawsuit

As the Mirror reports, Samantha Markle is said to have requested in official documents that Harry testify on the side of the prosecution. 

These demands could potentially see the Sussexes make legal statements separately.

Also interesting:

Meghan had previously sued against this obligation to testify, but she was denied that right. Now the couple must appear in court.

Meghan and Samantha's father, Thomas Markle Sr., and other relatives and confidants are also expected to be present.

It is not yet known exactly when the royal couple is expected to give their testimony...

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