Did Meghan Markle have the wrong expectations before becoming a royal? Royal expert and Harper's Bazaar editor Omid Scobie tried to answer that question on his pocdast The Heir Pod recently, as he talked about the Duchess of Sussex and her initial thoughts before joining the ranks of the royal family.

While speaking with fellow royal expert Victoria Arbiter on the podcast, Scobie said that Meghan joined the royal family and had some "unrealistic expectations" of her new position.

Duchess Meghan thought her new position came with "instant popularity"

"I think one of the biggest mistakes Meghan made, and I’ve heard this from sources close to her, is that she naively went in thinking this role came almost with an instant popularity," Scobie claims.

According to the expert, Duchess Meghan believed that there would be a so-called "honeymoon period that comes with marrying into the royal family," meaning that there would be a stretch of time in which she could "falter" at times.

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"I think that that was one of the key things, and I think that towards the end she felt she wasn't given that by the press or members of the royal family, by aides or courtiers within the households."

But Scobie also concedes that "everyone somehow had this level of expectation from her from the get-go that was perhaps somewhat unrealistic, and perhaps she herself had some unrealistic expectations from the role too."

We will see how Harry and Meghan settle in after their move to Canada. At the moment, Meghan's father Thomas is quite unhappy with Harry's recent comments...