• Meghan and Harry speak openly in their new documentary
  • This also includes their experiences with racism
  • This is what Meghan experienced

In the new Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, in which blatant accusations are made public, Duchess Meghan (41) speaks openly about how she had to endure racist remarks. She says she first encountered this issue when she was graduating from high school.

Duchess Meghan bears it all

Meghan's experience with racial discrimination goes back to an incident she suffered with her mom. After a concert, Meghan and her mother were driving in their car. When her mother honked her horn because the traffic was stuck, a driver racially insulted Meghan's mother!

Also interesting:

"She yelled the N-word at my mom", said Meghan. The two never spoke about the incident ever since. "I had never heard anyone say the N-word before", explained Meghan. Meghan confessed that up until that day, she had never been racially discriminated against before...

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