• Prince William wants to change the royal family
  • He wants to modernize the monarchy with Kate
  • Meghan should be happy about his plans

Well, if this isn't good news for Duchess Meghan, we don't know what is! Prince William will be the King of Great Britain at some point in the future. He has already expressed some ideas like he and his wife, Duchess Kate want to modernize the monarchy.

According to the British Express, this also includes the abolition of the well-known mantra of the Queen "Never complain, never explain“. The "rule" that Prince William wants to abolish means something like "never to complain or explain”.

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Prince William gave the keynote speech in Dublin on Wednesday.

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William wants to modernize the royal family

It is already clear that the young monarch is serious about his goals. He and Duchess Kate have an Instagram account and are therefore represented in the digital world. It symbolizes closeness to the people and conveys a certain feeling of down-to-earthiness.

Prince William wants to create an open dialog that will convey his opinion to the public instead of silencing scandals.

Someone in the family should be happy about Prince William's ideas. Sister-in-law Duchess Meghan has often made headlines in the past by breaking the Queen's top rule.

Speaking to ITV journalist Tom Bradby in 2019, Meghan expressed her concerns: "I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a ‘stiff upper lip'" said Meghan in an interview. Whether this sensitivity will really change under Prince William remains to be seen.