• Duchess Sarah Ferguson has made her condition known
  • She has already been on it, but it is not something that can be completely eliminated in some cases
  • The Queen mother lived several years with cancer as well

The Queen Mother, the title she was commonly known for, was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and lived to be 101 in 2002 when she passed away in her bed, but did you know that she lived 45 years with cancer?

What was the Queen Mother suffering from?

The Queen Mother was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 66 (which is not very common given that for women it usually presents at an older age), and similar to Sarah Ferguson, the Queen Mother also underwent surgery immediately.

Unknown Facts About The Queen Mother

The Queen mother actually had two bouts of cancer and as hard as it is to believe, she remained active in several royal events and even lived a very long life.

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