• BBC presenter Deborah James died of cancer in June
  • Prince William visited the children
  • He gave them important advice to take with them

Touching! Prince William (40) comforted the children of presenter Deborah James (†40), who died of cancer in June.

James' son Hugo and daughter Eloise now remain with their father Sebastien Bowen. Prince William can probably empathize with the two – after all, the royal lost his mother Lady Diana when he was just 15 years old.

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He also lost his mother: Prince William gave the children important advice

When Prince William visited Deborah and her family shortly before her death, he had important advice for the two children on how to deal with the death of their mum. Sebastien now reports on the conversation with the Prince in an interview with The Times.

To find out what he said to them, and to learn more about the story, watch the video above