• A severe blow is coming for Prince Harry
  • Netflix has hit him where it hurts
  • THIS infamous moment is set to be portrayed The Crown

What exactly is this old wound that is being picked at? The upcoming season of The Crown will portray the infamous 2005 Nazi-gate incident where Harry went to a party dressed like a Nazi officer. The news became an international royal scandal at the time!

Harry won't want to relive this!

As the Sun reports, scenes will show Harry disguising himself as a Nazi for the party. The global outrage that followed will also be addressed. Prince Harry recently talked about the incident in his Netflix documentary and biography. For him it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

Also interesting:

Harry said that he didn't think anything of the disguise, but trusted the encouragement of William and Kate. Although many weren't buying that story! Will the scenes be all the way true to life?

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