• Princess Charlene of Monaco is back
  • She attended a rally for e-racing cars
  • Her family accompanied her

Princess Charlene of Monaco, 44, is back and looks better than ever. With a short platinum blonde haircut, perfect make-up and in a grey suit, she made her way to the FIA Formula E World Championship in Monaco on Saturday.

Princess Charlene of Monaco's first appearance with family

Princess Charlene of Monaco was accompanied by her husband Prince Albert, 64, and their children Jacques, 7, and Gabriella, 7. For royal fans, the united Monaco family is a pleasant sight and Albert was in a good mood — only Charlene looked tense in some pictures.

Princess Charlène was a guest with her family at the Monaco E-Prix 

It can only be speculated if Charlene feels good about public appearances again or if she is still feeling unwell. On the other hand, the twins Jacques and Gabriella seemed to have fun during the rally, even if they had to cover their ears from time to time.

Also interesting:

Just two weeks ago Princess Charlene shared a new family photo, which shows the royals celebrating Easter together.

We hope to see Charlene again more regularly after her lengthy absence due to health issues.