• Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have children
  • They have now adopted a new dog
  • Animal experiments were previously carried out on the dog

On June 4, 2021, Duchess Meghan's (41) and Prince Harry's (37) daughter Lilibet Diana (1) was born. So Archie (3) was no longer alone and became a big brother.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry welcome another family member

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have welcomed another family member to their home in California. A new dog, who is a surprise to Archie and Lilibet from their parents and was given the sweet name Mamma Mia.

Animal testing is said to have been carried out on Mamma Mia, a beagle dog, before she was adopted by Meghan and Harry, as British media reports.

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According to animal shelter owner Shannon Keith, it seemed like love at first sight for Duchess Meghan when she met Mamma Mia. 

Meghan and Harry deliberately chose not to have a puppy as they wanted a dog that they could help and that was older.