• Princess Charlene shows off new look
  • This is what her hair looks like now
  • She looks beautiful

Princess Charlene of Monaco (46) is known for her penchant for experimenting with different hairstyles and fashion styles. During a recent engagement on Wednesday, where she was seen on a boat, the Princess debuted her latest haircut.

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Princess Charlene with a new haircut

Charlene continues to sport short hair but has traded her side parting for a straight fringe that gracefully falls over her forehead. Accompanying her new hairstyle, she chose a rain parka with a cinched waist, accentuating her figure.

Princess Charlène during her appearance

Dubbed "Operation Poseidon," Charlène's appearance was part of the preparations for the upcoming Formula 1 race. Charlène and her team ventured out onto the water, where they retrieved a checkered flag. This flag will be used at the next race and later auctioned off, bearing the signatures of racing drivers and the royal couple. The proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause.

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