• Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry could soon lose their titles
  • A new law allows King Charles to take them away
  • Does he want revenge?

The negative reports about Harry (38) and Meghan's (41) relationship with the British royal family just don't seem to stop. Now it is even reported that King Charles III (74) could strip the Prince and Duchess of her titles entirely.

Will King Charles strip Meghan and Harry of their titles?

As royal correspondent Richard Palmer told the Daily Express, there is a new bill that could lead to this.

"The interesting thing about the titles is the monarch has no power to remove their titles so it would need a change in the law. Rachel Maskell, the MP for York, is bringing a private members bill to Parliament in early December which would do that," he explains.

Also interesting:

In this case, it would also affect Prince Andrew (62). He and his nephew Harry are no longer senior royals but still serve as state councilors, which could also be a reason for a change in the law.

The aim should be to appoint Princess Anne (72) and Prince Edward (58) as state councilors – because only then can they represent the King if he is not available. But this does not seem to support a change in the law, as Palmer further reports.

"At the moment, there is no sign that the Government is going to do that, perhaps because the King doesn’t want to do that. Perhaps the King doesn’t want to humiliate, any further, his brother and his youngest son," he further explained.

However, the people are calling for Prince Andrew to be deprived of his title because of the many scandals in his past.