• Lady Diana died in a car accident in 1997
  • She left her two sons, William and Harry
  • The chief of police remembers the conversation with the brothers

To this day, Lady Diana's death in 1997 is mourned - especially by her sons Prince Harry (37) and Prince William (40). At the time of the dramatic event, the two were just 12 and 15 years old.

Police Chief Lord John Stevens told US Weekly how difficult it was to inform the two boys about the tragic details.

Police chief discusses conversation with Prince William and Prince Harry after Lady Di's death

Stevens investigated the accidental death and spent an hour with Diana's sons to discuss the tragedy. He would have been the only one the two royals wanted to see, according to Stevens.

The difficult conversation then followed in Kensington Palace: "So, I went in there and we had … over an hour, probably, I can’t remember exactly how long. I outlined what the conclusions were for about 10 or 15 minutes and then the rest of the time was them asking me questions, which you’d expect because they didn’t know the circumstances of their mother’s death, where [and] when she’d died, what did she say and beyond that, I don’t wanna declare what the conversations were."

Prince William and Prince Harry at the funeral of their mother, Lady Diana, in 1997

Police Chief: Conversation with Lady Diana's sons was very emotional

As expected, the conversation was quite emotional, even for the experienced police chief. He then explained that the two brothers mainly blamed the paparazzi, as is now public knowledge.

For William and Harry the accidental death of Lady Diana has been difficult to cope with, as they repeatedly emphasized in public. The two are now fathers themselves, but the pain of losing Lady Diana will probably never go away completely.

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