• Concern in the Monaco royal family
  • Surgery for Prince Albert of Monaco
  • It is the third operation of this kind

How is Prince Albert II of Monaco (64) really doing? Once again the head of the Grimaldi family had to undergo head surgery. It's not the first time he's had to undergo an operation like this.

Third operation on Prince Albert of Monaco's head

Birthmarks on the front and back of his head were removed, as reported by Bunte. Something should also have been done on his nose, reportedly. How serious is this medical necessity for the Monaco royal?

Albert and his wife Charlène appeared together on Wednesday, December 14, during which he showed up with a band-aid on his forehead.

In 2014, the son of beautiful actress Grace Kelly already had his head operated on. At that time he had a "benign mole" removed it was announced. At a rugby game, he then showed up with a large wound cover on his head.

Prince Albert of Monaco at a rugby match in 2014 after his surgery with plasters on his head

In 2019 there was another operation and now at the end of 2022 again. The intervals at which Prince Albert has to be treated surgically are becoming shorter.

No wonder that the concern for Princess Charlène of Monaco (44)'s husband is increasing. 

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