Prince Andrew is currently in some very hot water, but he reportedly has his mind on a future reunited with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The disgraced royal is facing a lawsuit for the alleged sexual assault of Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2001. Reports throughout have said the Duke believes he'll escape the scandal and even return to public life afterward. Could his plan to do so include remarrying his ex-wife?

Report: Prince Andrew wants to remarry ex-wife Sarah

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were married for nine years before they divorced in 1996, but they've remained on good terms since.

Like the rest of the royals, Fergie has stood by Andrew amid his controversial downfall, and the pair have even been living together at Royal Lodge during lockdown.

Sarah Ferguson Talks Remarrying Prince Andrew

But a new report in Vanity Fair says Prince Andrew wants to take things a step further, should he escape his ongoing scandal.

Insider Katie Nicholl heard that "Sarah and Andrew have been closer than ever in the past year" and "they still love and care for each other a great deal."

Time in lockdown has apparently "rekindled" their bond, and Nicholl said: "I can see a second wedding happening if it all goes Andrew's way."

Sarah addressed this very topic in an interview earlier this year. She told The Telegraph: "All I can say is that we're happy with the way we are right now."

She added: "We always say we are the most contented divorced couple in the world. We're divorced to each other, not from each other."

Just shortly after those comments, however, Prince Andrew was met with a new lawsuit from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring. She accuses the Duke of sexually assaulting her three times when she was 17.

Where is Prince Andrew sexual assault lawsuit at now?

Prince Andrew has always denied the allegations, but he's still yet to personally acknowledge the new lawsuit, which had a hearing in New York this week attended virtually by one of his lawyers.

His team has claimed that the legal papers in the case were not properly served to the Duke's home in the UK, and they want the case thrown out.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell in Filthy Rich.

Per CNN, in court today, a lawyer representing the Duke of York stated: "We believe, however, that this is a baseless, non-viable and potentially unlawful lawsuit that plaintiff has filed against the Duke."

We'll be watching how the lawsuit and Prince Andrew's future with the Royal Family — and possibly Sarah Ferguson — play out in the coming weeks.