• Prince Andrew's ex says his accuser's photo is fake
  • Lady Victoria Hervey claims it was a "body double"
  • She is defending the royal on social media

Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend is making some pretty serious claims online. Lady Victoria Hervey, who dated the royal in the '90s, says she knows how his infamous photo with Virginia Giuffre was supposedly faked.

Prince Andrew photo: New "body double" theory?

In addition to her ties to Prince Andrew, Hervey is a former friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted on charges including sex trafficking last year.

She has since spoken out against Maxwell, but she's apparently set on defending Prince Andrew. On Instagram, Hervey posted an image showing Giuffre alone cut out of her photo with Prince Andrew. (It's seen in the video above.)

She claims the image — of unknown origin — is the original, and it was "edited" into a scene from Ghislaine Maxwell's home.

As for Prince Andrew, Hervey says the photo features not him but "an Irish body double." His head was then photoshopped onto it, she claims.

Lady Victoria Hervey says she got this information from an unnamed "survivor of Epstein's."

Also interesting:

That infamous photograph is back in the spotlight, as Prince Andrew is facing a sexual assault lawsuit from Virginia Giuffre.

We previously revisited how both Giuffre and Prince Andrew have explained the photo.

Watch the video above for the full story on Lady Victoria Hervey's claims.