• Prince Harry in a "Spiderman" costume
  • He has important news for orphans
  • Harry lost his mother Lady Diana as a child

Prince Harry (38) shows up in a "Spiderman" costume for a video of "Scotty's Little Soldiers" and shares an important message. The organization is aimed at children and young people of military personnel who died while in service. Prince Harry himself was a member of the British military for many years.

That's what Prince Harry's disguise is all about

The 50-second video clip was played to the children and young people at their annual Christmas party. Disguised as a superhero, Prince Harry greets the children and initiates a game for the participants.

In it, they must stop five villains from ruining Christmas. This task explains the "Spiderman" costume worn by Prince Harry in the video appearance. But in addition to all the fun, the royal is also getting serious.

Prince Harry's touching appeal to children

Because Harry shares an important message and says: "Christmas is a time we will miss our loved ones really, really badly. And that's okay." Harry himself lost his mother Princess Diana (†36) when he was twelve years old and can definitely relate to the mixed feelings at festive gatherings like this.

Also interesting:

Prince Harry, who is already a father of two also said: "But at the same time, it can be possible to feel guilty for having fun without our parents. But I am here to assure you that our parents always want us to have fun, okay?" 

At the end of the video, the British royal takes off his "Spiderman" mask and wishes the children with a big grin "Merry Christmas". Surely Harry could make one or the other child happy with it.