Prince Harry recently went on the military Podcast Declassified and shared his experiences from his time in the military and how he helped Rubicon UK rebuild Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015. In the interview with host Michael Coates, the Duke of Sussex called for "selflessness, rather than selfishness", especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prince Harry: "It's about selflessness, rather than selfishness"

Prince Harry, who always went with the name Harry Wales while he was still in the service, talked to Coates about how the military has shaped and benefited him: "I think that being part of a unit, being part of a team, and for me, wearing a uniform that was the same as everybody else's, it kind of makes you feel totally equal, but at the same time makes you want to do everything you can for the person on your left and your right."

"It's about selflessness, rather than selfishness and I think in today's culture, in today's world, we need more role models that are willing to put others ahead of themselves."

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Prince Harry's new interview: Listen to it here!

The former Army captain also talked about Team Rubicon UK and what they are doing now in times of the coronavirus pandemic, like veterans helping distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers on the front lines.

"I'm honoured to be a veteran, and honoured to be part of this community," he said. "It's also proving that I think things are better than we're led to believe through certain corners of the media. It can be very worrying when you're sitting there and the only information you are getting is from certain news channels, but then if you are on the right platforms, you can really sense this human spirit coming to the forefront."

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