Prince Harry (34) and Paul Guest met for the first time in 2017. Guest is not only an Invictus Games contestant, but also a walking advert for the games. The heavily tatooed war veteran has countless tatoos adorning his body, but, in pride of place, he has the Invictus Games's logo on his forehead. Harry met Guest for a second time this year, just after another contestant had helped Guest through a moment of panic. 

Disney's Let It Go helps war veteran in moment of panic

Post traumatic stress disorder renders its victims vulnerable at all times and Paul Guest is not exception. When a helicopter flew over the Invictus Games during a wheelchair tennis match, Guest suffered a moment of severe stress. Another contestant at the games, Dutchman Edwin Vermetten was able to calm Guest down by singing Disney's Let It Go, a song from the film Frozen

Prince Harry and Paul Guest

War veteran Paul Guest was clearly delighted to meet Prince Harry a second time and was over the moon that Prince Harry was able to remember both him and his family. He went on to reveal that the Invictus Games had given him hope and a new zest for life. 

Paul Guest has suffered from PTSD since fighting in Northern Ireland. His neck and spine were injured while on tour and he is also partly deaf and blind, meaning that he needs around-the-clock care. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive in Australia

Just hours before it was announced that Meghan is pregnant!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have landed Down Under