• Prince Harry discussed his new book in a livestream
  • With Dr. Gabor Maté, he spoke about mental health
  • The expert actually diagnosed Harry during the show

It's well known that Prince Harry is very concerned about mental health and well-being.

Now he took things one step further and got therapy in front of TV cameras. He even received a diagnosis at the end.

Prince Harry gets diagnosed during Spare livestream event

The Sun reports that Harry received therapy from doctor Gabor Maté and spoke about trauma in a livestream.

Above all, the Royal Family is said to have been a topic again. Harry hopes to be a better father than his own, King Charles.

Also interesting:

After the therapy hour, Dr. Maté surprised Harry with a diagnosis. "Reading the book [Spare], I diagnose you with ADD," he said.

"I don't see it as a disease," the doctor added. "I see it as a normal response to abnormal stress."

Harry seemed to take it with humour and thanked him "for the free session."

In the past, Prince Harry has been open about his experiences with therapy...

See more in the video above.