• Serhii Karaivan has died defending Ukraine
  • He was part of the Invictus Games community
  • Prince Harry's foundation shared the news

Serhii Karaivan, a Ukrainian member of the Invictus Games community, has passed away. He died on March 13 defending his homeland of Ukraine against Russia's invasion. Prince Harry's Invictus Games Foundation announced the tragic news today.

Serhii Karaivan, Invictus Games star, dies in Ukraine

Prince Harry's foundation notes that Serhii Karaivan was a trialist for Team Ukraine at the Invictus Games and the Warrior Games. "Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and the wider community," Invictus wrote on their website.

The manager of Team Ukraine, Oksana Horbach, shared a brief statement on Karaivan's passing. "It was tough to learn about Serhii's death as the fighting continues," she began.

"Please do not think of him as a martyr, he would not like it. Think of him as a celebrated Invictus Games community member, hero and defender of Ukraine."

The statement from Prince Harry's foundation notes that some of Invictus's athletes were wounded in the Crimean conflict of 2014, but they bravely "signed up to serve once again" when Russia invaded Ukraine.

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Prince Harry's Invictus Games supports Ukraine

The Invictus Games is the multi-sport event for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women. Prince Harry founded the event in 2014. The sad news about Serhii Karaivan comes just one month before this year's Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands.

Invictus said today the competition will be "a powerful reminder of the importance of recovery and rehabilitation from physical and mental trauma, and of bringing the international Invictus community together."

Adding support for Ukraine, Invictus wrote: "When the time is right, the Invictus Games Foundation will once again support Team Ukraine with the rehabilitation and recovery through sport that it will need."

The "2020" games finally go ahead this year, after lengthy delays due to COVID-19. The event runs from April 16 to 22.