It seems that Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan have found a way to make a very(!) decent living in the United States. Los Angeles Magazine reports that the royal couple have joined a speakers bureau, which brokers very lucrative speaking engagements to celebrities, sports figures and former politicians.

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A source at the WME talent agency told Los Angeles Magazine that Harry and Meghan have signed up with the New York City based Harry Walker Agency, which was actually purchased by WME in 2019.

Are Harry & Meghan joining the Harry Walker Agency?

Harry Walker Agency is apparently one of the largest and most high-profile places when it comes to paid speaking engagements - among others, they represent Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hilary Clinton as well as Venus Williams and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The top-tier speakers speaker with the agency is reportedly paid from $400,000 to 500,000$ for one single engagement.

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While no second source has yet confirmed the report, it makes sense for the couple since they exited from the royal family wanting to be financially independent, and they actually already had a paid speaking engagement at a JP Morgan summit in Miami back in February.

It sounds like a very lucrative job for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan! Get more news and the latest updates and more news on the royal family right HERE!