• Prince Harry and Meghan have a bad relationship with the royal family
  • It all started with allegations of racism
  • The couple talks about it again in their new documentary

And it looks like that particular chapter in their story isn't going to close just yet. In their new Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan the couple takes up the topic yet again, although this time there didn't seem to be any new accusations, veiled or otherwise, toward the royal family and their treatment of the couple.

Harry is proud of his family, as any dad would be

Duchess Meghan's mother is black, her father white - which is why Meghan is "mixed race". In their infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple revealed that there was a question in the royal family about what skin color their son Archie would have. This led to a global controversy in the tabloids!

Also interesting:

It was the first time the royal family had ever been rocked by that kind of a scandal, and they found themselves in unchartered territory. Harry had already emphasized during public appearances that he had only really been confronted with racism ever since he had known Meghan...

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