• Prince Harry is visiting Germany
  • He is there for the Invictus Games
  • THIS is what he revealed about her

On Saturday, September 9th, the Invictus Games, initiated by Prince Harry, officially began in Düsseldorf. However, someone was missing from the opening ceremony; his wife, Duchess Meghan. But she wasn't completely absent from the affair, as the prince revealed in a seven-minute speech.

Harry is such a cheeky husband

Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Will Appear At THIS Awards Show

Much to the delight of those there, Prince Harry shared this previously unknown detail about Meghan: "Now, I’m not saying we play favorites in our home, but since my wife discovered she’s of Nigerian descent, it’s likely to get a little bit more competitive this year, "Prince Harry revealed.

Also interesting:

The Nigerian team, which is taking part in the Games for the first time this year, appears to have a royal supporter. As she revealed in her podcast 'Archewell', Duchess Meghan is said to have found out through a genetic test that she is 43 percent Nigerian...

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