• Prince Harry's birthday is September 15th
  • This falls during the Queen's week of mourning
  • Will there be a reconciliation between him and Charles?

Prince Harry (37) is celebrating his saddest birthday this year. Instead of celebrating with his family in the US, he will be spending it in the UK for a sad reason. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth (†96) died last week, which is why the Prince and his wife Meghan (41) are in his home country.

But a birthday get-together with his British relatives is out of the question, the focus is entirely on the upcoming funeral ceremonies. There are a few appointments leading up to the Queen's funeral on Monday 19 September. 

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Prince Harry's 38th birthday falls into the mourning period

Prince Harry's 38th birthday on Thursday, September 15, therefore falls entirely into the mourning period. From Wednesday to Friday, the Queen's coffin will stand in Westminster Abbey for the public to say goodbye to her. 

Meanwhile, the royals and palace officials will prepare and rehearse everything for the big funeral service next Monday. Harry and his wife are also fully involved in this process, which is why the birthday of the former senior royal is likely to be canceled. 

A small consolation for Harry: In these difficult hours he is not only supported by his wife, but also spends a lot of time with his brother and his father.

It would be Harry's wish for his birthday that he, Prince William (40) and King Charles (73) can reunite again during this difficult time.