• THIS Prince Harry's selfie goes viral
  • With Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton 
  • The Prince looks very happy

It's not every day that royalty mingles with the kings of comedy, but Prince Harry (38) is breaking the mold! The Duke of Sussex, known for his down-to-earth charm, has been spotted sharing a laugh with none other than Rob McElhenney (46, actor and Wrexham FC co-owner) and Glenn Howerton (actor), stars of the hit series 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'

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On the brink of 2024, McElhenney took to Instagram to share a year-end recap that's got everyone talking! The photo carousel, which includes a candid selfie with Prince Harry, is a treasure trove of memories from a year that McElhenney describes as "one of the best years of my life." The trio's grinning selfie, snapped at the Inter Miami CF vs. Los Angeles FC soccer game, is giving fans major FOMO!


Wrexham's royal visit and the McElhenney-Reynolds American dream

But wait, there's more! McElhenney also threw in a royal flashback featuring King Charles and Queen Camilla's visit to the Wrexham Association Football Club. The American dream team of McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds (47, actor) are turning heads with their ambitious venture, taking the "historic yet struggling" squad to new heights. Their journey, documented in the docuseries "Welcome to Wrexham," is scoring big with fans and critics alike, already renewed for a thrilling third season.

Speaking of dreams, McElhenney's passion for the club is palpable. "A dream come true," he told PEOPLE, committed to delivering on their promise to the town and the club. And with every day, the responsibility grows, but so does the excitement!

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When royalty meets Hollywood

The royal rendezvous wasn't just a one-time affair. Fans got a sneak peek of Prince Harry at the September game thanks to Howerton's Instagram post, where the Duke posed arm-in-arm with the Always Sunny duo. Add soccer legend Leo Messi into the mix, and you've got a match made in heaven!

Prince Harry, settling into his Montecito home with Meghan Markle and their children, hasn't lost his love for the sport. Spotted in high spirits at the game, he's proving that his passion for soccer knows no borders.

So, what's next for this unlikely trio? More laughs, more goals, and undoubtedly more viral selfies! Stay tuned, and remember, when it comes to Prince Harry, expect the unexpected!