The Duke of Sussex (34) played aspiring prima ballerina for one afternoon on Wednesday. He visited the Ealing YMCA, which supports young people in the area and recently took part in a roundtable discussion organised by The Royal Founation's Heads Together campaign. The campaign aims to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health problems and help those suffering from mental health issues by helping raise funds for a number of innovative new mental health services.

Prince Harry faces "The Ballet Challenge"

The group of young ballet dancers were delighted when Prince Harry spontaneously surprised them during their Wednesday afternoon lesson. The class performed two dances for him. Harry made the mistake fo asking Emanuel Lester (5) what his favourite part of the lesson was. The young dancer replied, "the ballet challenge".

Teacher Jade Groves quickly explained that it was an exercised used by students to improve their balance.The children showed Harry how it was done, all standing on one leg with plastic discs balanced on their heads. The Duke of Sussex immediately joined in, but was teased by one pupil as he wobbled around.