• Prince John was part of the royal family
  • He was separated from the royals as a child
  • The heartbreaking reason behind it

It's hard to imagine today, but decades ago, the British royal family managed to hide some of its members from the public eye. Much of this came to light several years later, including the fate of little Prince John. 

This is what happened to Prince John

He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four years old. Signs of autism and learning disabilities are also said to have shown up. As a result, John was gradually shielded from the public, not even allowed to come to his father's coronation as King.

Prince John and his siblings

His mother, Mary, made sure the Prince had other children around to play with. On January 18, 1919, John died at the age of 13. Mary wrote about her son's death in a letter:

"It was a relief for John because his illness was getting worse over the years, and it saved him a lot of suffering. I cannot express how grateful we are to God for taking him so peacefully. He departed to his heavenly home in his sleep, no pain, no anguish, only peace to his young spirit that has worried us all so much for years since he was four years old."

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