The Duke of Edinburgh is facing some rather blunt advice from celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman who is also known as "Mr Loophole", to not apologize for the crash, as a criminal investigation is still underway. The lawyer says that if he apologizes, he is ultimately admitting he is guilty for causing the accident. 

The Duke is "highly insensitive and inconsiderate"

The passenger who broke her wrist in the crash, says that she "wants Prince Philip to face prosecution if he is found to be at fault" according to Emma Fairweather was in an interview on British TV when she called the Duke "highly insensitive and inconsiderate" after he was spotted driving without a seat belt just days after the crash. 

Fairweather wasn never asked by the police for a statement

Ms. Fairweather feels that the treatment between her and Duke has not been very equal. She says that she is still waiting to give her statement to the police and now that she has medical concerns with a broken wrist, she's worried as to why the police haven't asked for her statement regarding the accident. She did however, receive a phone call from one of the Queen's ladies in waiting wishing her well.

It appears as though Emma Fairweather just wants equal treatment and for whoever's fault it is, to be prosecuted, even if that means the 97-year-old Prince Philip. 

Rumors are circulating about the pair

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