• Prince William is forgoing an important royal tradition
  • As the new Prince of Wales, he has new responsibilities
  • We give you the details

After Queen Elizabeth II († 96) died on September 8, 2022, a lot changed for the British royal family. Her son Charles (73) is now the new British king and Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (40) received new titles of Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince William: He does things differently than his father King Charles III.

On September 27, the royal couple traveled to Wales for the first time since receiving their titles. Prince William is said to have forgone the formal investiture ceremony that officially gives him that title, as Express reports.

King Charles III had his inauguration with an elaborate ceremony in 1969, where the Queen placed a crown on his head and made him promise to serve the people of Wales.

Prince William: He became the Prince of Wales – without a ceremony

It will be different for William and Kate. The two were already confirmed as Prince and Princess of Wales by King Charles III in his first address to the nation as King. During a radio interview, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford also revealed that the ceremony was not a priority at the moment.

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When asked if that was coming up soon, he replied to radio Cymru: I had no chance to ask about that – and there's no hurry.“

Prince William: This is what he's supposed to do on his first visit to Wales

According to Minister Drakeford, Prince William's visit to Wales should initially focus on learning more about what is important to the people of the country and where he can make a difference. 

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there was also a phone call between Prince William and Minister Drakeford. The prince mentioned his "deep affection for Wales" and "expressed his honor and that of the Princess of Wales when asked by the King to serve the Welsh people".

In fact, the royal couple has a personal connection to the country. They lived there together from 2010 to 2013 and their eldest son Prince George grew up in Wales for the first few months after his birth.