• Prince William campaigns for the homeless
  • He also talks about his mother
  • He says she'd be disappointed

Prince William (40) is once again committed to a good cause and will be featured in a Comic Relief charity special on the BBC on March 17. The aim is to draw attention to the issue of homelessness and to find solutions to help homeless people.

Prince William met with Groundswell's Nawshin and Miles to share personal experiences and discuss harmful prejudice. The Daily Mail published a preliminary clip.

Prince William: That's why Lady Di would be disappointed

In it, Prince William expressed his disappointment that not much has happened since his late mother Princess Diana became involved in the fight against homelessness.

William explained that his mother introduced him to the subject at an early age and that he is very happy she did. He is sure that Diana would be "disappointed' that no more progress had been made.

Also interesting:

It's not the first time Prince William has campaigned for the homeless. Last June, he sold The Big Issue street newspaper in London, wearing the distinctive red vest and cap that identify homeless people as official sellers. He later appeared on the cover of the new issue and wrote an article praising his mother's work and dedication to the field.

The charity special will be broadcast on BBC One on the evening of March 17 and aims to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness and possible solutions. Prince William has been campaigning for this issue for years and wants to continue working to improve the lives of homeless people in the future.