Prince William made a surprise appearance at Wembley on Monday May 27th to cheer on his favourite football club as they played Derby County in a playoff match. And the Duke of Cambridge did NOT hold back when Aston Villa, who he's been supporting ever since he was a teenager, managed to secure their promotion back to the Premier League. At the final whistle, he celebrated with the club's former player John Carew and let his emotions run free.

Prince William started supporting Aston Villa in school

After already visiting Wembley in an official capacity for the FA Cup final earlier in May, the Prince was now back as a supporter. He had already explained his fascination with the club four years ago to the 'Birmingham Mail': "I wanted to have a team that was more mid-table that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments. I have got friends of mine who support Aston Villa and one of the first FA Cup games I went to was Bolton vs. Aston Villa back in 2000. It was the atmosphere, the camaraderie and I really felt that there was something I could connect with." Aston Villla took to social media following their big win and mentioned the Duke of Cambridge in their celebratory post on Twitter.