Prince William delivered a special video message to announce the opening of the new NHS Hospital Nightingale in Birmingham, England. The message came from the Duke of Cambridge's home in Norfolk.

He praised both the team that quickly built this new hospital structure - which will provide beds for COVID-19 patients - and the frontline workers who are treating those affected by the disease.

Prince William appears via video to open the new NHS Hospital in Birmingham, April 16, 2020.

Prince William opens hospital for COVID-19 patients

Prince William began with a tribute to hospital staff, a number of whom were in attendance at the opening event.

"Let me start by reiterating all that has been said so far and paying tribute to the incredible work that NHS staff across the country have been doing to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Their selfless commitment has touched the hearts of the entire nation," he said in the video.

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"The building you are standing in is yet another example of how people across the country have risen to this unprecedented challenge. The Nightingale hospitals will rightly go down as landmarks in the history of the NHS. The NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham is a wonderful example of Britain pulling together, and having spoken to some of the people who helped build it, hospitals are about the people and not the bricks."

Prince William's speech opens Birmingham Hospital

Prince William added that the hospital will offer hope and assistance during this difficult moment.

"I know that the Nightingale Birmingham will provide invaluable resources for hospitals from miles and miles around. This will reassure people across the Midlands that if their local hospitals reach capacity, there will be extra beds available for their loved ones here. I find that very comforting and I know many other people will too," he continued.

"I want to thank you all so much for you are doing to ensure we give the best possible care to those affected at this most challenging of times. And finally, I am delighted to declare the NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham officially open."

Prince William appears via video to open a new hospital in Birmingham, April 16, 2020.

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The Duke's message was met with a round of applause from those in attendance. The hospital was constructed in just eight days, and is the second of seven built in England specifically in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The official Kensington Palace Instagram account also added additional video of Prince William's conversations with NHS Nightingale Birmingham staff. Watch it below.