On Wednesday, Prince William visited Oxford and talked to a group of scientists actively trying to develop a successful vaccine for the coronavirus. The University of Oxford was given £84 million by the government to develop and manufacture a vaccine, and the Oxford Vaccine Group has been hard at work ever since - the UK pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca meanwhile, has agreed to make the vaccine available globally on a non-profit basis.

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Prince William: "There's a lot of pressure on you guys"

Prince William donned a mask, goggles and protective coat while visiting Churchill Hospital in Oxford, where he spoke to Professor Sarah Gilbert, who is developing the vaccine and Professor Andrew Pollard, who is leading the clinical trial team.

The Duke of Cambridge said: "You and your colleagues have obviously been working brilliantly on this, but you have obviously been working non-stop night and day, and there's a lot of pressure on you guys. How are you all coping with it?" Gilbert admitted that there had been "a few minor meltdowns," and added: "But everyone’s been incredibly supportive and we all just want to make this work."

Prince William tried to boost morale for all those involved: "When it is announced that you have cracked it people will breathe a huge sigh of relief. People want there to be some sort of finality to it," and Professor Pollard said: "It's success for the country and the world if these vaccines work, not for us."

That is definitely the truth, here's to hoping that they will soon find a vaccine. Get more news and the latest updates and more news on the royal family right HERE!