• Princess Amalia gets a new portrait
  • She looks so different 
  • What is behind it?

On Thursday, Princess Amalia (20), the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander (56), marked her 20th birthday in a manner consistent with royal tradition. A new portrait was unveiled to commemorate the joyous occasion, revealing a different perspective of Princess Amalia that may surprise those familiar with her public image.

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Princess Amalia shows her new style

However, Amalia appears far from joyous; quite the opposite. Clad entirely in black and sporting a solemn expression, she gazes directly into the camera. The chosen outfit, a black suit with a contemporary cut, raises inquiries, as it imparts an edginess that seems to age her beyond her years.

Could it be that the era of vibrant colors and flowing dresses is behind us? Perhaps Amalia intends to convey through the photo how mature she has become. As a vital member of the royal family set to ascend the throne of the Netherlands in the coming decades, she may be making a deliberate statement.

However, the choice of a dark outfit could also be a reflection of the challenging year that the crown princess has endured. The royal family faced repeated threats from mafia circles, casting a shadow over their well-being and placing considerable strain on them.

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