Princess Charlène of Monaco is currently mourning the loss of a close friend. Her confidant, King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu nation, has died at age 72. The news hit the native South African and her husband Prince Albert of Monaco hard. At the commemoration ceremony on Thursday, Princess Charlène appeared in black lace and was visibly grieving.

Princess Charlène mourns the death of King Zwelithini

Princess Charlène presented herself in a black dress at the memorial service for her late friend. To finish the look she wore a matching veil made of black lace. A black mask also showed off her eyes particularly well. The pain in the 43-year-old's face shined through clearly.

Princess Chàrlene of Monaco mourns her late friend.

Upon King Zwelithini's death, Princess Charlène's foundation announced on Twitter that not only were she and the South African ruler good friends, but also they collaborated on work with the princess's charity.

Princess Charlène of Monaco grieves in black

Princess Charlène also made a personal statement about the death of her friend. She wrote on Instagram (in translation): "King Zwelithini was an honourable man with a pure heart. Over the years, we have shared many special moments that will be dear to me forever. I will miss my friends and pray that the Zulu royal family will find comfort and consolation at this time."

King Goodwill Zwelithini died at age 72 on March 12 due to the coronavirus. Although the head of the Zulu ethnic group was a controversial ruler, Princess Charlène only has positive memories of her friend.

Earlier this year, Charlène also celebrated her 43rd birthday, and she continues to be a global style and fashion icon.

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