Princess Charlene of Monaco (42) can definitely be proud of her beautiful little family. Some very entertaining new pictures, which she shared on Instagram on Saturday and Sunday, show her not-so-little twins Jacques (5) and Gabriella (5) together with their father Prince Albert (62).

In one photo, the heir to the throne in Monaco, Prince Jacques, is sitting upright and cross-legged on a royal two-seater and looks confidently into the camera. His father is posing behind him. The suits and ties of the two royals have the same shades of blue. Just lovely!

In addition, Charlene posted a somewhat less official-looking snapshot of Albert and Gabriella. The five-year-old seems to be hiding behind her father in this cute moment captured on camera!

In the second photo, Gabriella (who is Charlene's Mini-Me thanks to the same hairstyle) is holding her hands in front of her mouth while her father suppresses a laugh. Charlene's short comment under the sympathetic pictures is "So proud".

Princess Charlene shares funny pictures of Albert and Gabriella

On Sunday morning, Charlene also shared another snapshot of Albert and Gabriella, which apparently was taken a few seconds before the others. It shows a cheeky Gabriella who imitates Albert's gestures behind his back and has great fun doing it. Her caption to this adorable photo reads "Copycat". 

She does not reveal whether she herself took these wonderful snapshots of her family, but we love to see them regardless.