• Princess Eugenie is the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
  • She is one of the most popular British royals around
  • Eugenie's entire life has been very well-documented in photos

Her story is a pretty common one in royal circles. Like many royals her age, Eugenie grew up in the spotlight with dozens of cameras always pointing at her. Despite her eternal youthful glow, Eugenie has changed quite a bit over time. Let's take a look back at Princess Eugenie through the years!

Princess Eugenie has always been a ray of royal sunshine

Eugenie was always a cute royal. As a young girl, Princess Eugenie already had her signature rosy cheeks that enchanted everyone. She was always as spunky as she is now, and it wasn't unusual to see a big grin on her face. Eugenie had one of the most enchanting smiles the royal palace ever saw, and she was quite a photogenic baby!

Also interesting:

In 2006, Eugenie was going through puberty like many other British teenagers. And like her peers, she also had noticeable braces in her teeth, which didn't help her to blend in! Eugenie famously despises photos of her with her dental work, but her smile today is truly dazzling, so you could say it was worth the public shame...

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