• New book by Royal expert
  • Revealed: Four years of silence between Kate and Meghan
  • There's "no turning back" for Kate

The British monarchy finds itself in the midst of a media storm as renowned scandal author and potential confidant of the Sussexes, Omid Scobie (42), unveils explosive allegations in his latest work, 'Endgame.'

Set to be published on Tuesday, November 28, the book promises a fresh wave of accusations against the royal family. In particular, Scobie sheds light on the true extent of the strained relationship between Duchess Kate (41) and Duchess Meghan (42).

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Reconciliation off the table: There's "no turning back" for Kate

The royal facade is crumbling as an insider reveals a stark reality: there has been no direct communication between Princess of Wales, Kate, and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, since 2019. The book portrays Kate in a less favorable light, suggesting that she has dedicated more conversation to Meghan than with her.

According to a report in 'Paris Match,' Scobie is quoted as saying, "She spent more time talking about Meghan... than with Meghan." It's suggested that Kate perceived Meghan as an immediate rival upon the American's arrival.

The strained relationship is further underscored by alleged communication gaps during festive periods. According to 'Paris Match,' not even a Christmas text was exchanged, despite Meghan and Prince Harry reportedly sending gifts to Kate and Prince William's children.

Reports indicate that Kate now reacts with a joking shudder at the mention of Meghan's name. Reconciliation with the Sussexes appears distant, as Scobie claims, 'No turning back' for Kate, portraying her as insensitive.

Duchess Kate faces harsh criticism

The author's critique of Duchess Kate extends beyond interpersonal relationships. In an interview preceding the book's release, Scobie was critical of Kate's role within the British royal family.

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He suggests that their achievements are overrated and speaks of an 'infantilization' that set the bar lower for her. 'The Sunday Times' quotes Scobie as saying that Kate is portrayed as a woman who is afraid to go beyond smiling for photo opportunities.

When reading Scobie's tell-all book, it's worth bearing in mind that the author is a fan of the Sussexes. However, he claims not to be influenced by Harry and Meghan. In any case, the royal rift seems to go deeper than previously thought.