• Princess Kate is a fashion icon
  • She recently went shoeless
  • THIS is why Kate ditched the footwear

Kate Middleton is known for her stunning shoe collection among many other things in her wardrobe. From comfortable sneakers to statement heels that define a generation of royal fashion, and even her decade-old boots that the press loves to photograph. But she went without shoes in a surprising but "respectful" gesture while visit with U.K. radio host Roman Kemp's family. For royalty to show this level of respect toward a commoner is truly refreshing and heart-warming. Here's what happened:

Kate knows how to be humble

Roman Kemp recently detailed how he teamed up with the Princess of Wales earlier this year to talk about mental health, in order to help those who are struggling. He told 'The Times' that Kate reached out after his BBC documentary 'Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency' premiered. The piece talked about the mental health crisis affecting young men in the U.K. which has turned into quite an epidemic and concern for British society at large.

Kemp released his film in 2021 after his friend and producer Joe Lyons died by suicide which, sadly, is an all-too common story in the U.K. Roman said the call from the royal powerhouse was "an honor but one of the weirdest things."

Also interesting:

"We had a Zoot waim call, just her and me," he recalled. "And she was like, 'Oh, you know, I can come over to your place and do it there.' And I just said, 'No, let's go to my parents.' It's a bigger house. I don't want to bring royalty to a flat in Vauxhall."

It turns out, Kate ended up having dinner with his family and with the family (including their dogs!) at the kitchen counter like any other night with a guest! "The funniest thing was she didn't have any shoes on because she was respectful enough to take her shoes off at the door," Kemp said. "That really stuck in my head because you never see royalty with no shoes."

What a sight that must have been for everyone at dinner. Rare, yes! But not the first time Kate has been spotted barefoot. She has removed her shoes during other royal engagements. Once at a visit to a museum in India back in 2016 to pay respect to Mohandas Gandhi, Kate removed her shoes in front of the press.

She is certainly no stranger to respecting others' sanctity.