• Kate Middleton is the Princess of Wales
  • She has become a global style icon
  • Her hairstyles are always a subject of conversation

Today we'll talk about her hair and show you her signature looks. The Princesslikes to flaunt her hair, and often wears her dreamy brown mane open and more or less wavy - with or without a pony tail and usually parted to the side. Every now and then Kate wears a braid in her hair, which gives her a more sporty and youthful look.

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Kate Middleton Is A Trend-Setter In More Ways Than One


It's not always easy to look good, but Kate doesn't seem to mind it. Pinning her hair halfway is particularly popular with Kate. She opted for this hairstyle on the day of her wedding, for those who remember. On special occasions requiring evening wear, however, she can also lavishly pin it up. Whichever look Kate decides to go with she is always stunning!

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