• Princess Kate has cancer
  • It's not easy for her right now
  • The Princess can count on HER

Princess Kate (42) and Pippa Middleton (40) not only share a lifelong sisterly bond, but also a deep friendship that has endured through all stages of life. 


Princess Kate: Family comes first

Pippa, who became known worldwide for her role as a bridesmaid at Princess Kate's wedding to Prince William (41) in 2011, has since proved to be a rock for her sister. Despite a quieter life compared to the Princess of Wales, the bond between them remains unshakeable.

The sisters, who are less than two years apart, developed a close relationship early on, shaped by their love of sport and exercise. After graduating from university in Scotland, the siblings moved to London, where they shared an apartment in Chelsea and regularly explored London's nightlife. These years further strengthened their relationship as they transitioned into adulthood together.

Sisters Pippa Middleton and Duchess Catherine

Pippa, who is considered the more extroverted of the two, also supported Kate during her engagement to Prince William. Despite Kate's role as a senior member of the royal family, her relationship with Pippa has not changed.

In an interview in 2014, the latter emphasized how important a close family bond is to them and that they maintain a normal, sisterly relationship despite the public attention.

This works particularly well as Pippa and Kate are practically neighbors - while Kate lives with her family in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, Pippa and her family live just a few minutes away.

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Now that Princess Kate has received her cancer diagnosis and made it public in an emotional video shared to Instagram, Pippa undoubtedly stands by her side. Their shared history and support during difficult times show the unshakeable strength of their bond.