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Princess Kate (42) in the midst of recovery from her cancer sent a moving letter to the Irish Guards to express her regret at her absence from this year's Colonel's Review. The letter, which was read out to the troops in an emotional moment, underlines her deep commitment and appreciation for the regiment of which she is Colonel.

In her letter, the Princess emphasized how dear the role of Colonel is to her heart and how sorry she was not to be able to attend the Colonel's Review, an important pre-event to the Trooping the Color, to be there. "Being your colonel remains an honour and I’m very sorry that I am unable to make the salute at this year’s colonel’s review," she wrote. Her words reflect not only her disappointment but also her hope that she will soon be able to take on representative tasks again.

Princess Kate's touching words

The Irish Guards were deeply touched by their Colonel's gesture and shared their gratitude and good wishes for her speedy recovery in a post on X. The Colonel's Review ceremony, which traditionally takes place in the run-up to Trooping the Colour, is a pivotal event in which Princess Kate would normally play a key role. Her absence this year underlines the severity of her health situation.

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Princess Kate had previously publicized her cancer treatment via Instagram and provided insights into her personal battle against the disease. Her openness about her health and her determination to make a full recovery have been met with worldwide support and admiration.

Princess Kate's road to recovery

Since her cancer diagnosis, Princess Kate has come a long way in her treatment and recovery, starting with a major abdominal operation in January. Although she has had to cancel all royal engagements, the hope remains that she will be able to return to her public duties after a full recovery. The letter to the Irish Guards is a strong sign of her unwavering commitment to her duties and her desire to return to active participation soon.