• Princess Märtha Louise defends her fiancé
  • She slams tabloid "lies"
  • Ahead of her wedding

In an Instagram showdown that's got everyone talking, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway isn't holding back! As she gears up for her August wedding to Los Angeles-based spiritual guide Shaman Durek Verrett, the princess is firing on all cylinders against Nordic magazine 'Se og Hør' for "spreading lies" about her soon-to-be husband. And let me tell you, it's getting juicy!

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Royal romance under fire

The couple, who've been painting the town red for nearly five years, found themselves in the crosshairs of controversy when 'Se og Hør' decided to play fast and loose with the facts. According to the princess, the magazine has been busy churning out falsehoods about Durek's past, particularly his family's financial status. Märtha Louise is not having any of it!

In a passionate Instagram post, she debunked the claims, stating, "Se og Hør just repeats the lies until everybody believes them." She even shared snaps of Durek's childhood home in Foster City, California, now valued at a cool $2.7 million, to set the record straight. Talk about receipts!

Wedding bells and tabloid tales

But wait, there's more! As the countdown to their summer wedding ticks on, 'Se og Hør' has been spinning tales about the event being a three-day, glitzy affair starting in Ålesund. Princess Märtha Louise was quick to shut down these rumors, ensuring fans the wedding will be a joyous occasion, despite the tabloid's best efforts to mar it.

Despite the drama, Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek's love story reads like a modern fairytale. From making their relationship Instagram official in May 2019 to navigating the complexities of royal life and tabloid scrutiny, their journey has been nothing short of epic. Märtha Louise, a mother of three and a royal stepping away from her official duties to pursue personal interests, shows that love knows no bounds.

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