• Princess Victoria is heir to the Swedish throne
  • She impressed fans with a new Instagram photo
  • Everyone loved her stunning nature outfit

Wow! Princess Victoria, 44, is blowing everyone away with a new picture on Instagram. The Swedish heir to the throne is known for her elegant gowns and tiaras, but she went to a national park today and pulled off an impressive outdoorsy look.

Princess Victoria impresses with casual nature photo

In one moment, a photographer captured Princess Victoria looking quite majestic. In a casual outfit, she poses before a scene of forests, hills, and a clear sky at Garphyttan National Park.

Though Princess Victoria is better known for her stunning evening gowns, she can also pull off casual looks — like today's — just as well.

In the post, the royals explain that Princess Victoria is visiting all 30 national parks in Sweden. She hiked in Garphyttan National Park today, where she observed "spring flora in deciduous forests, bird life, wetlands and coniferous forests."

Also interesting:

Royal fans cheered on Princess Victoria in the comments. "So cute," wrote one commenter. "God bless you. Keep smiling," added another. A couple fun ones in Swedish too: "Finaste!" and "Hon är fantastisk," fans wrote.

The Crown Princess is first in line to the Swedish throne. Victoria is the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, and she'll be Sweden's first Queen in over 300 years when she ascends the throne.