• Duchess Meghan's new brand
  • It publishes lifestyle products
  • This is why there could be problems

Duchess Meghan (42) has surprised the world once again - this time with the launch of her new company, American Riviera Orchard. She is drawing attention to the lifestyle brand with an Instagram account and a website - the Instagram account alone now has over half a million followers. "by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex", is only the only available information.

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The venture, which is seen as a tribute to Santa Barbara - the home of Meghan and her family - promises to be a project close to the Duchess' heart.

Duchess Meghan breaking the rules?

But it's not all positive reactions. Russell Myers, an employee of 'The Mirror', points out that the company may be in breach of a commercial agreement with the royal family.

On X, formerly Twitter, he commented: "If you sign up for info on Meghan Markle's new business venture, you'll be notified about "products". Clear breach of the agreement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to not profit off their royal titles, is it not?"

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Despite these controversies, the project is of great importance to Meghan. According to 'Page Six', an insider reports that she has been working on this project for over a year and that it encompasses all the things that are close to her heart.

"It's a lifestyle and cooking brand called American Riviera Orchard. The brand is meant to coincide with the launch of a new cookery show for Netflix. Meghan will be making, and selling, products such as jams. And at some point there will be a book and blog etc.," a source told the 'Daily Mail'.

While Meghan continues to pursue her creative vision, it remains to be seen how American Riviera Orchard will develop and whether there will be further tensions with the royal family.