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In a moment that had the palace positively palpitating with excitement, Queen Camilla, the Duchess of Dazzle, was presented with a Barbie that's all her own! Clad in a blue Fiona Clare dress and an Amanda Wakeley coat, this doll is the spitting image of our beloved royal – and it's got everyone talking!

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The Queen herself was tickled pink, exclaiming, "Thank you, very, very much indeed. It's brilliant!" She even joked about the doll's youthful appearance, saying, "You've taken about 50 years off my life." And who wouldn't want a Barbie of themselves? Camilla thinks we all should!


Empowering women: A glance at the WOW Girls Festival Bus

The event was a who's who of influential women, with Dame Helen Mirren, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, and Spice Girl Mel B in attendance. Even Queen Mathilde of Belgium made a splash in her bright pink dress. Talk about a power gathering!

Queen Camilla and Queen Mathilde hopped on the WOW Girls Festival Bus, a beacon of gender equality traveling to schools and community centers. With Mattel's support, the bus is more than transport; it's a rolling revolution!


In her speech, Camilla held up stones thrown by suffragettes in 1914, symbols of hope and the relentless pursuit of gender equality. She reminded us that today's women are just as much a beacon of hope as those who came before.

Barbie's Royal Lineage

Queen Camilla isn't the first royal to get the Barbie treatment. Queen Elizabeth herself was immortalized in plastic for her 96th birthday. With an ivory gown and a tiara to match, the Queen's Barbie is nothing short of iconic.

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