• Queen Letizia is always on point with her outfits
  • This time she caused confusion
  • There was a huge hole in her skirt

Is this a fashion statement or did Queen Letizia miss the mark? For her latest appearance in the Spanish city of Tudela, Letizia opted for a black and white outfit. While she looked great in her black long-sleeve shirt, viewers found her skirt confusing.

Queen Letizia's skirt caused confusion

There was a huge hole in the middle of her skirt. The Spanish Queen had never done something like this before. She completed the look, that you see in the video, with a black purse and black pumps.

In recent months, Queen Letizia has been showing more skin, be it through cut-outs or a completely exposed back. However, we're not sure what to think about her latest fashion choice. 

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