• Princess Victoria enjoys Easter holiday
  • With her husband and their children
  • They enjoy their holidays in Spain

While the snow was piling up in Jämtland County, Crown Princess Victoria and her family decided to swap snowflakes for sunshine on the idyllic Spanish island of Mallorca. The family of four was spotted enjoying a leisurely lunch at the Mar de Nudos restaurant, famous for its stunning marina views and a mouth-watering mix of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Talk about dining like royalty!

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Victoria and Daniel's return to duty

After their sun-kissed Easter break, Victoria and Daniel are gearing up to dive back into their royal responsibilities. Mark your calendars for April 8, folks, because that's when they'll be joining the king and queen for a diplomatic reception. It's all hands on deck for this royal duo!

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar aren't just any royal children; they're future faces of the Swedish monarchy. These young royals, schooled at Campus Manilla, are no strangers to the limelight, often accompanying their parents at significant events. Remember their appearance on Crown Princess Victoria's name day? Pure royal cuteness!

A future Queen in the making

Princess Estelle isn't just any princess; she's a trailblazer. Born with the right to the throne that no male heir can challenge, she's set to make history as Sweden's future queen. And let's not forget her uncle, Prince Carl Philip, who was in line for the throne before Estelle's historic claim.

The Swedish monarchy has seen its fair share of changes, with King Carl XVI Gustaf making bold moves to redefine royal titles and status. The spotlight remains firmly on those directly in line for the throne, making every move of Princess Estelle and her family all the more fascinating.

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