• Royal exit from the Norwegian Royal Family
  • Princess Märtha Louise resigns from her duties
  • The reason is love

What surprising news from Norway! Princess Märtha Louise says goodbye to her duties. As announced by the Norwegian royal family, she will no longer perform any official royal duties.

Norwegian Royals: THAT is why Princess Märtha Louise is stepping down

The reason for this is her engagement with the shaman Durek Verrett. This led to strong criticism that Märtha Louise mixed her title with commercial interests. The daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja is said to have stepped down from the royal family in consultation with her family.

She can keep her Princess title, but will no longer use it on social media. The Princess and her fiancé Durek Verrett want to make the difference between their own activities and royalty clear, according to the Norwegian royal court.

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After the wedding, Durek Verrett will be part of the royal family, but he will not receive a title. He should not perform representational tasks.