• Duchess Kate is known for her stylish and classic looks
  • She always wears four-inch heels
  • But what is the reason why?

Duchess Kate (40) is known for her stylish and classic looks. Prince William's wife (40) delights fans in her public appearances with tasteful outfits. In addition, Duchess Kate always wears the same type of high heels, which always round off her looks perfectly. Rupert Sanderson, the Duchess' shoe designer, reveals why Kate always wears four-inch heels.

Kate always wears four-inch heels

In an article in the Daily Mail, the designer reveals that every woman who wears this specific height turns "into a goddess". "Her silhouette instantly changes: her head lifts, the small of her back curves, her shoulders broaden slightly and her calf muscles bunch. From that moment she, quite literally, walks taller," he describes the effect.

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Especially for a person as public as Duchess Kate, it is important that she is seen. 

As a shoe designer, it is important for Rupert to find the middle ground between balance and beauty. With the 4 inch heels this is possible. Looking at Duchess Kate, we can only agree with Rupert Sanderson!